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Oh Germany, you pretty thing. 😍 Enjoying a weekend with my family in Bavaria 🙏

David Wolfe

You’re never too old for anything 🦄 such an inspiration 🌀

In The Know Innovation

Absolutely fascinating! Looks like something from Star Trek ✨😱💗


OMG!!!! I LOVE UNICORNS! This looks like fun...

4 Gründe für eine Reise nach Namibia - Warum Namibia auf jede Bucket List gehört

Mein Roadtrip in Namibia vor ein paar Jahren ist und bleibt einer der coolsten Roadtrips, die ich je gemacht habe. Und ich will UNBEDINGT nochmal zurück nach Namibia... denn es gibt noch so viel mehr zu entdecken... Steht Namibia auf eurer Bucket List?

UNILAD Adventure

Makes me want to go back to Costa Rica... who's in?

An airline is going to pay 2 friends $5,300 each per month to move to Iceland and travel the world, accommodation included

Say WHAT? 😱 I’m pretty sure some of you are waiting for a chance like this right now.... take it! ❤️

National Geographic


In The Know Presents

OMG 😲 😍 getting the chills just by looking at this!!

Canadian National Figure Skater at 2500' in the mountains | Shot in 4k!

Simply beautiful. In case you need a break full of beauty today 💗


YES <3

Velvet Escape

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! Looks like I’m going shopping with the Dalai Lama in Amsterdam! 🌀💥🦄 What are you up to?
Thanks to Keith from Velvet Escape for this fun idea 💗

Atlas Obscura

Who's in?

National Geographic Travel

I LOVE surreal stuff like this! Has anyone of you been there?


🙏 yasssss!

I Love Adventure & Travel

I do love crappy motels. Who wants to go on a road trip?

A fairy tale road trip in Baden-Württemberg, Germany - JUST TRAVELOUS

Who's in for a fairy tale road trip through the most beautiful state in Germany? Fancy some castles and monasteries that look like from a Harry Potter Movie? Want to sleep like royals? Then this is for you...


with love to Urlaubsland Baden-Württemberg


Yes 💗
via TravelousLife


Where are you heading to?

Applications open for job at world's most remote post office

In case you’re looking for a drastic change in your life.... would you do it?

I Fucking Love Travelling

I would LOVE to hear your stories 💗

Austrian Airlines

Happy Birthday Austrian Airlines <3 <3 <3
Celebrate with them and comment on the live stream to win cool prizes!
#sponsored #coop

Busted Locals

Uhm, I got 2. Never broke a bone and never gave birth. Besides this, uhm yes. Been there done that. What about you?


It is what it is.

WINTER City Trips - The 6 best cities to visit during winter in Europe

Winter in Europe can be pretty fairy tale like... here are my favorite cities in Europe for a winter weekend getaway ❄️ 💕




Feeling like you want to change your life in 2018?

Travel + Leisure

Oh how much I love Bangkok!! 💕 Will be there for a quick visit soon and I can’t wait to be there 🙏

Higher Perspective

My words are: L O V E 💕 S U C C E S S ✨ E X P E R I E N C E 🦄 I like that! Which words do you see first?

This! 🙏

Fotos von JustTravelous Beitrag

Falling more and more in love with Sri Lanka 💕 this country is breathtakingly beautiful and the people here are the friendliest I’ve ever met. Sri Lanka surprises me every day anew. It combines the best of all my other favorite countries. I have no idea why it took me so long to visit, I kinda never want to leave again. 🙏


// Weligama Beach, Sri Lanka //
Oh these beaches in Sri Lanka... I’ve only been here for three days and I think Sri Lanka is already on top of my favorite places in the world. It’s breathtaking. Follow the fun quests we’re doing here on @lifeisatuktuk on Instagram 🙏

My Top 10 Places to sleep around the world - JUST TRAVELOUS

Are you looking for a different kind of inspiration for your next trip? Ever thought about planning a trip based on where you’re going to sleep? During the last few years I’ve slept in many many beds. And sometimes there wasn’t even a bed. Here are my top ten places to sleep around the world from the last seven years of traveling ❤️ 🌴 🛏 💤 ✨❤️
PLUS: there’s a surprise worth 25€ for you 💵


6 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi - How to create unforgettable memories

Abu Dhabi surprised me in many different ways... here are my favorite moments from my trip to Abu Dhabi and some ideas for you to put on your travel bucket list...

Made some new friends in Sri Lanka ❤️

Conni Biesalski

I'm on my way to SRI LANKA!!! Heading there with Marco from LIFE IS A TRIP and we will be exploring this beautiful island while being part of a tournament with Tuktuk Rental - Sri Lanka!!! This is going to be amazing. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and for sure here <3
(This beautiful picture is btw from my beautiful friend Conni Biesalski) <3 <3 <3

Tipps für Litauen - 4 Highlights in Litauen, die ihr nicht verpassen solltet

Steht Litauen auf eurer Reise Bucket List? Wenn ja, dann habe ich ein paar Tipps für euch, was ihr nicht verpassen dürft! Und falls nein... dann solltet ihr euch diesen Artikel auch mal genau durchlesen... Litauen lohnt sich nämlich! <3
Wart ihr schonmal in Litauen? Was würdet ihr empfehlen, was man gesehen und getan haben muss?
Litauen - Real is beautiful


I'm more into Star Trek than Star Wars but this sounds amazing!!!

Bring Me

THIS. IS. SOOO. COOOL. Would you stay there?

Yee Peng in Chiang Mai - Tips and Tricks for THE lantern festival

Oh wow, can't believe that it's been already FIVE years that I was experiencing the Yee Peng Festival in Thailand. Sweet sweet memories <3 I bet this festival is on your bucket list too! Have you been? Share your pictures in the comments <3


This is sooo cool! Definitely want to go there! Who’s in? ✨🦄

Fotos von JustTravelous Beitrag

Is drinking a Golden Cappuccino on your bucket list? ☕️ Or what about dune bashing in the desert? 🐪 Or maybe you feel like relaxing on a private island? 🌴
Here are my favorite things to do in Abu Dhabi, tips on how you can dive deeper into the culture and tradition of this fascinating city and how to make the most of your trip to Abu Dhabi. ❤️

⬇️⬇️⬇️Read my NEW Abu Dhabi guide now and take a break from grey November weather (at least here in Berlin) <3


50+ Flights That Had The Best Passengers

OMG! 😍 I want to sit next to a puppy on my next flight!! My heart melted like several times while reading this article 💕 have you ever experienced something like this?

travelous Abu Dhabi

Exploring the travelous spots of Abu Dhabi for you.
First day: Sheikh Zayed Grande Mosque, dates market, heritage village and lunch at Emirates Palace.
Second day: desert safari (CAMELS!)
Third day: private island luxury on Zaya Nuria Island
Fourth day: Al Ain with camel market


With Etihad Airways #novembersummer #sunsafe #etihadairways

Hammock? Swing? Yacht? What would you choose?
#novembersummer #sunsafe #etihadairways #abudhabi

In case you were wondering how my Monday has been like... enjoying life on Zaya Nurai Island. Booked a daypass and had some virgin coladas. Where are you at the moment and what are you doing?
#novembersummer #sunsafe #etihadairways #abudhabi

🐪 🌅 🧡

Tuktuk Rental - Sri Lanka

Are you spontaneous and adventurous and want to live life to the fullest? Here’s your chance for some extra thrill in your life... join Marco from LIFE IS A TRIP and me on a crazy TukTuk race through Sri Lanka in December!!! YES!!
If you book through this link you'll get 200$ off and only pay 900$ >>> ❤ add "JUSTtravelous" and be travelous!! If you have any questions >> message me!! Let's do this! ❤ ❤ ❤️

travelous Abu Dhabi

Exploring the travelous spots of Abu Dhabi for you.
First day: Sheikh Zayed Grande Mosque, dates market, heritage village and lunch at Emirates Palace.
Second day: desert safari (CAMELS!)
Third day: private island luxury on Zaya Nuria Island
Fourth day: Al Ain with camel market


With Etihad Airways #novembersummer #sunsafe #etihadairways

9,5 reasons to visit the World Heritage Region Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg - JUST TRAVELOUS

Looking for a hidden gem in Germany? Do you love traveling off the beaten path and exploring nature, culture, and design? Then this is for you! Today we present you 9.5 reasons to visit Welterberegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg. (The region where Martin Luther started the reformation 500 years ago btw)


#welterbecard #martinluther #travelgermany